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At What Cost is a team of Cornell graduate students concerned about PGS/GPSA's coffee hour here on campus. We encourage you to learn about coffee hour and to understand its implications. PGS/GPSA can call a coffee hour with only three hours notice; we encourage you to abstain when the time comes. We focus on facts about coffee hour at Cornell that have been overlooked yet remain critical to a caffeinator's decision. Please contact us with any questions you have, and check back frequently for new and updated information.

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Cornell Graduate Students Would Each Pay Nearly $400 to Wegmans/Gimme! Yearly


Based on the average Cornell graduate student appetite, each graduate student will pay $397.68 in food and coffee costs to Wegmans/Gimme! yearly. There are between 180 and 190 graduate students in physics at Cornell during any given semester which means more than $76,000 will be paid to Wegmans/Gimme! yearly. All of this money will leave Cornell, and PGS has no discretion with these funds. Why exchange intrinsically valuable money for useless goods and services when it could stay at Cornell to be stroked and counted like a proverbial dragon's hoard? This discussion has been overlooked by PGS. Local dues that graduate students would pay on top of the $397.68 might be collected to fund PGS.